Those days are gone when we used to wait for hours and days to send or receive mails, letters or any other important information. Now we live in an age where every bit of information is delivered within few seconds/minutes.

We are privileged to be living in such an advanced era where human has touched all the possible heights.



The Common Unhealthy Practices While Using Phone are:

  • Unknowingly comparing oneself to others.
  • Gossiping about the ‘Filtered’ posts and lifestyles of other people.
  • Making oneself feel inferior or unprivileged.
  • Getting frustrated on the few seconds of delay for processing information online, etc.

Even after having knowledge about these practices we are not ready to proactively work to minimize our phone usage. It’s because we are now conditioned to be dependent on a small device for our everyday needs. Little do we realize that we are now being controlled by technology and not the other way round.

Minimizing the use of phone can bring a huge impact in an individual.

These are the benefit one will experience eventually when he/she will act proactively:

  1. Increase Productivity

    Phone is a great tool to distract oneself from the work in hand. The constant buzzing of phone because of notifications is what diverts the mind off the work resulting in decrease in the productivity level.

    Tips to avoid distraction:
    • Turn off notifications of all the social media apps.
    • Set specific time frames to keep a check on the updates (after breakfast for 10-15 mins, during lunch break, 1 hour before going to bed).
    • Unfollow all the accounts and pages which demotivate you or make you fall in the loop of comparison.
  2. Better Sleep

    Using phone before going to bed makes a person to subconsciously think and analyze about all the events and information he/she has witnessed while browsing the net or social media. In most of the cases the information impacts the individual in a negative way as it leads to over thinking.Tips to avoid over thinking at night:
    • Minimize phone usage after 8pm i.e. after and before dinner time (time varies person to person).
    • Put phone on airplane mode or do not disturb mode or switch it off completely an hour before going to bed.

    The loop of comparison in which a person usually gets stuck while using social media leads to inferiority complexion, low self-worth, decrease in self-confidence and negative self-talk. Eventually all this lead to increase level of anxiety and in worst cases depression.Tips to decrease or avoid anxiety:
    • Realize that the virtual world is the filtered version of the real world.
    • Take a social media detox challenge i.e. delete all the social media apps from the devices for a week or month to spend more time offline.

    Phone being near you means you are likely to get triggered to check it in every 10-15 minutes and most probably waiting for a certain type of text or information. In most cases, you witness mental pressure i.e. stress in such cases.Tips to avoid/decrease stress
    • Delete all the unwanted/unnecessary apps.
    • Try to make holidays/weekends tech free.

Content source - Good reasons to put down your phone